Pam Fallow - Day Program

Pam Fallow Pam Fallow used to attend the Daybreak Program at Nanaimo Travellers Lodge (NTL) and did so for over a year. She recently moved into a care facility from her home in Parksville. Pam also felt accepted and understood at the Lodge, at a time in her life when things can be very confusing.

When Pam first started to develop dementia, many of her friends weren't able to understand her change in mood and behaviour. Now, she finds comfort in attending the Day Break program at NTL knowing that everyone else around her, from the staff to the other participants, truly understand her experience.

She felt fortunate to always be able to see friendly faces, in both her peers and the staff at the Lodge. The Daybreak program allowed her to get out of the house, socialize and learn new things. Pam has discovered a newfound love of art and painting through her activities at NTL. She feels very fortunate to be able to have had a place where she can be herself.

Daybreak offers support to people like Pam who are looking to transfer into a full-time care facility, offering the resources they need to live at home until a spot becomes available.

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