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Caregiver Burnout

The physical and emotional toll of caring for someone with dementia can be very high. As the disease progresses, caregivers see their loved one fade away mentally and physically. Other challenges include wandering, insomnia, outbursts of violence, incontinence, hallucinations and loss of verbal and motor skills.

The responsibility of this caregiver role can lead to high levels of stress. According to a new study from the Canadian Institute for Health Information, 40 per cent of family members caring for a loved one with dementia suffer from signs of mental distress.

For those caring for their loved ones at home help and relief are available at Eden Gardens through our Day Programs: Day Break, Stepping Stones and Community Bathing.

Eden Gardens offers family members of those with dementia some of the resources and support they need to help reduce stress and to enjoy the time they have with their loved ones. Click Here for additional Information.

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