Our Resident Pets

mini pearl Pets are part of what makes a house a home and Travellers Lodge is no exception. Pets offer affection, unconditional love and help to ease depression and loneliness. Research shows that Elders who regularly interact with animals have lower blood pressure and have 21 per cent fewer visits to the doctor.
  • Colourful fish in the dining room, and the upstairs sitting area are a great source of entertainment and pleasure
  • Our cats, Harmony and Buttons, are always looking for a loving stroke
  • In the front sitting room one can chat with our budgies as they enjoy the sunshine from the large windows
  • A dog run outside in the central courtyard for visiting dogs to rest in when they are not spending time with the Elders
  • Numerous bird houses and hummingbird feeders are hung outside Elders' bedrooms to attract wild birds
Regular visits from the St.John Ambulance Therapy dogs service is an uplifting experience for many Elders. The animals offer a diversion in the Elders' day and their faces light up when they see them and interact with them.

We encourage visitors to bring their well-behaved dogs into the Lodge on a leash. Please read our short guidelines to ensure everyone, including Fido, has a positive experience.

Eden Gardens
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Eden Gardens
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