The Dawes Family

Mike and Dick Dawes Mike, Dale and Wayne's dad, Dick Dawes, has lived at Nanaimo Travellers Lodge for the past three years. 'Rich and rewarding' is not what most people think of when you mention dementia or a facility for people with dementia, but the Dawes brothers know differently.

Alzheimer's, a form of dementia, is a disease that can make life difficult for families, but the key to dealing with it successfully is your perspective. The Dawes live by the philosophy that laughter is the best medicine when they spend time with their dad. You can't miss Dick at the Lodge; he wears brightly coloured, orange clothing and usually has a smile on his face.

The three brothers are a daily fixture at Nanaimo Travellers Lodge. After a few years of regular visits, it's not just their dad they are coming to see but the other Elders too. They keep the Elders busy with singing, games and plain old good company.

The Dawes feel that Nanaimo Travellers Lodge is a true home for their dad. The positive, caring attitude of the staff always makes the Dawes feel welcome. What could be better than knowing that your family is safe and cared for 24 hours a day in a home that delivers compassionate dementia care? The Dawes are extremely grateful for the genuinely compassionate care their dad receives everyday.

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