Pet Visitation

Pets are welcome visitors at Eden Gardens and it provides Elders with spontaneous opportunities to interact with animals, as they may have in the past, and do so in a safe, supported environment.

Admission of a pet to Eden Gardens must be inclusive, allowing care of the pet to be done with participation from Elders, family, friends, volunteers, staff and/or St.John Ambulance Pet Program owners.

All pets associated with Eden Gardens must:

  • Have appropriate temperament
  • Be free of lesions, parasites and fleas
  • Possess current immunizations inclusive of rabies, distemper, hepatitis, paro-virus and kennel cough (dogs)
  • Be kept out of the kitchen food service area
  • Have limited access to kitchen/dining areas (during meal service)
  • Be the responsibility of pet owner inclusive of monitoring, feeding, walking, toileting and cleaning-up after the pet (biodegradable bags are provided for this purpose). Bagged feces must be sealed and put in the provided garbage can
  • Be kept under the control of the owner or designate
  • Have no history of biting or aggression
  • Have owners or designated others available to monitor pets when off leash
  • Be clean and well groomed (including clipped and filed nails. There should be no odour or loose dander
  • It is recommended that dogs be de-wormed a minimum of twice annually
Elder with Dog
Eden Gardens
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Eden Gardens
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