Babies take Centre Stage with Babytime Group

November 2011 - There is something about the innocence of baby that most people can't resist. They are full of life, priceless expressions and endless promise.

This was the inspiration for the newly formed Babytime Group at Travellers Lodge. The group gives the Elders the opportunity to interact with a variety of babies, from newborns to toddlers. The group met for the first time in September and will continue to meet monthly in the main dining area.

Staff at the Lodge who have recently had babies have shared their young ones with the Elders to encourage intergenerational interaction and encourage discussion about Elders own children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. NTL staff Shayna and her son Ezra and NTL staff Jackie are her twins Elliott and Abigail were the apple of the Elders eyes for the October Babytime Group. Shayna and Jackie went around to each Elder in the group introducing them, offering to hold their child or play with them. The Elders were delighted to be in the company of small children and they are all looking forward to next month.

Dorothy with Baby Ezra Ron with baby Elliott
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