Travellers Lodge Integrates the Snoezlen Cart into Elders Lives'

snoezelen 1 Since March 2012 the Snoezelen cart has slowly worked its way into the weekly lives of Elders at Travellers Lodge. The cart, which is a portable version of the Snoezelen room, has a variety of items that encourage sensory exploration and relaxation. Including light tubes, vibrating pillows, textured items and gentle sounds.

Staff members have noticed the change in the Elders who engage with the Snoezelen activities. They are enjoying the different sensations and react to them. Many of the Elders are noticeably more relaxed and others have increased their concentration levels.

The Lodge looks forward to having all the Elders participate in Snoezelen activities.

What is Snoezelen?

Snoezelen originated in Holland in the 1970s and is a contraction of the Dutch verbs "snufflelen", to seek out or explore and "doezelen", to relax. Sounds (music, nature effects), aromas (lavender, wet earth, baking), tactile experiences (feathers, sandpaper, bumpy fabric), interesting light effects (bubble tubes, Fiber Optics and projectors) and vibrating items (pillow, tube) create either the calming or stimulating multi-sensory experience needed to encourage Elders to passively or actively engage in the moment. This can included describing baking as a young child when the Elder smells cinnamon, directing an Elder towards playing with a fiber optic spray instead of picking at their skin or clothes, making music or singing, or causing colours to change by pushing a button giving Elders control over items within their environment. Clinical and anecdotal research shows that Snoezelen has be highly effective in the treatment of dementia symptoms including improvements in an affective state, cognition, communications and functional behaviour.

For more information on Snoezelen please visit:

The Snoezelen Information Website

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