Art Therapy Connects Elders

olga May 2012 - Lesley Clark believes in healing through the arts. Lesley holds a Masters Degree in Fine Arts and is working towards her art therapy certification. She has been coming to the Lodge since June 2011 to share her love of art with the Elders at NTL.

Lesley has learned that working with each Elder is different. For one Elder art it is about rekindling a love of art from the past, while for others it may be a new way to communicate. Other Elders may want to look at art and talk about it.

The process of creating and appreciating art is about staying connected with who they are. This could change from day to day, so activities are kept very project based instead of product based.

Lesley has worked with Elder Olga H. for a number of months where she has guided her along through various projects. Olga was a commercial artist for many years, illustrating commercial ads for Woodwards, Eaton's as well as doing custom portraits and landscapes. Olga has a natural flair for the artistic and art therapy is a way for her to connect with her past. Olga is inspired by what she sees in nature and has a very clear vision of where she wants her creations to go.

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