Irene B. Celebrates Her 100th Birthday

irene b NTL Elder Irene B. celebrated her 100th birthday on Monday June 25th, 2012 with four generations of her family, as well as the fellow Elders and staff at the Lodge. There were vanilla and carrot cake, balloons and smiles to be had on this special day.

Irene has been a resident of the Lodge for about two years. Marion was born on a farm in Manitoba in 1912 and is one of six siblings. She previously lived at home with her daughter-in-law Marion before moving to the Lodge. Irene has lived on Vancouver Island since the 1980s and has called Nanaimo home for seven years.

To mark this special occasion her family had a special letter from the Queen, along with letters from the Prime Minister and other politicians. The Queen has a special spot in Irene's heart and she has a lot of admiration for her. The present was a complete surprise and Irene was thrilled.

We celebrate our Elders Milestones along with them and their families. We are so proud to participate in these special celebrations!

Sands Funeral Home provides Birthday Cake every month to celebrate our residents birthdays.

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