Saori Weaving is a Barrier Free, Tactile Activity for Elders

September 2012

Colours and textures meld in perfect harmony on the Saori loom, a style of textile weaving that originated in Japan. Weaving is done on a tabletop or floor loom and a variety of textures and colours can be incorporated. This free-weaving style means that there is no such thing as a mistake and anything goes!

Since March 2012 a group of Elders at the Lodge have been trying their hand at the loom. Every other Saturday morning from 10- 11:30 a.m, volunteer Sarah MacRae has been teaching and guiding the seniors on how to use the loom at the Lodge.

Saori weaving allows many people to contribute to a project, making it unique in style, colour, tension and weaves. The group of six regulars have already completed two scarves, which they love showing off to their family and the nurses and staff at the Lodge. The seniors are encouraged to participate and give their own special touch to the project.

Sarah enjoys the interaction with the seniors, teaching them the three basic steps of the weaving process and helping them remember how to do it. Weaving is especially rewarding for the participants because they can see immediate results.

Elder Margo (pictured below on the loom) has taken to weaving and showing older Elders the ropes. Whether it watching the weaving happen, touching the two scarves the group has already made or talking about their next project, the sessions are greatly anticipated by the group. Thank you Sarah for making sure the Saori loom gets lots of use at the Lodge.

saori 1 saori 2

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