Ron Jeeves - Day Program

Ron Jeeves was diagnosed with early onset dementia three years ago. His wife Hermoyne figured something was wrong when one day Ron seemed to forget how to operate their fifth-wheeler. Caring for him has become an around-the-clock task for Hermoyne because her husband also suffers from severe arthritis.

Ron has been attending Daybreak at the Lodge on Tuesday's and Friday's since March 2011.

"This is a fabulous place for people like us. The girls are great, just great. I never pictured that I could ever like doing something like this," Ron said.

"He looks forward to going and I look forward to him going and getting the time I need," Hermoyne added.

Ron's memory is best when talking about things way in the past, so he likes to engage others in conversations about his 40-year career with Telus, or the trips he used to take with his recreational vehicle and his wife. Another favourite topic is sports.

Daybreak gives Ron the opportunity to interact and socialize, while giving Hermoyne some respite and support.

ron and hermoyne

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