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At Eden Gardens, previously known as Nanaimo Travellers Lodge, we are passionate about helping Elders with dementia to live as fully as possible and to enjoy life. We work closely with family members and friends to help them in their journey of supporting a loved one with dementia.

At Eden Gardens, we strive every day to create a home-like environment where pets, family members, volunteers and other members from the community promote life and interaction.

For over thirty seven years Nanaimo Travellers Lodge Society, a non-profit, charitable organization, has been a leader in Elder Care in the Mid-Island Area. Since 2004, we have been the only dedicated dementia care facility in our region.

The reality is harsh - one in five baby boomers will fall prey to dementia. Dementia strikes people from all walks of life. Will there be facilities-that offer high quality, compassionate care-available for your loved ones?

The Mid-Island area has more seniors than others parts of the country. As our population continues to age, health care professionals anticipate a surge in people diagnosed with dementia. That person could be your mother, father, sibling, spouse, dear friend or neighbour, or it could be you.

Eden Gardens
1917 Northfield Road, Nanaimo, BC V9S 3B6
Eden Gardens
(250) 758-4676