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Family Resources

Taking care of someone with dementia can be a very difficult journey. You are likely to see your loved one fade away mentally and physically. You may also have to cope with increasing challenges such as wandering, insomnia, outbursts of violence, incontinence, hallucinations, and loss of verbal and motor skills. Caregiver guilt, burnout and stress are common.

There is no question that dementia is a terrible disease, but if people get the right support and enrichment, such as the compassionate care available at Nanaimo Travellers Lodge (NTL), life with dementia can be worth living.

NTL's website offers a variety of resources to help you during this challenging time, including:
  • How NTL can be of service
  • Dementia information
  • Dementia resources from a variety of organizations
  • Caregiver resources
If your loved one lives at NTL or attends Day Programs at the Lodge, you can find information about:
Eden Gardens
1917 Northfield Road, Nanaimo, BC V9S 3B6
Eden Gardens
(250) 758-4676