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Moving In

We recognize that moving into residential care is a major transition for most people and can be especially difficult for those with moderate to severe dementia. The following are tips that have proven to be helpful for others in reducing the level of stress:
  • Personalize each Resident's/Elder's room to their preference and comfort level. Many people have blankets and photographs. We encourage families or friends to bring items that will provide feelings of familiarity and positive memories.
  • Helpful, caring staff. Our staff members are very knowledgeable and understanding, and they will provide gentle, directional cueing for our Resident Elders as they learn their way around the building. Feel free to discuss the Elder's needs and habits with our staff.
  • Activities that encourage engagement and involvement with others. Our Activity Department aims to provide each Resident Elder with opportunities for social involvement-with other residents, staff and volunteers, and with our much loved resident pets-at the beginning and throughout their stay with us. If you like, join in with some of the activities or help introduce the Elder to one of our pets to ease the transition.
For caregivers, our Family Council offers a forum to share experiences, to learn and to exchange information. Learn more about Family Council here.

Browse through our Family Handbook to learn more about life at Eden Gardens. Download a copy of the Eden Gardens Family Handbook

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